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Diabetic Trucker Desperately Hunts For Stolen Therapy Dog


A New Jersey trucker is desperate to find his therapy dog, who he says was stolen from the cab of his truck during a delivery last week.

Dog And GPS Stolen From Truck Cab

According to reports, truck driver Fito Irribarra was making a delivery on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx last Thursday when he says someone broke into his truck around 1 p.m. and took his GPS and his white purebred Maltese named Angelo.

Based on a phone call he received from someone demanding $200 ransom for the dog, Irribarra believes that Angelo was taken by professional dog thieves. Though he is currently offering a $300 reward for Angelo, the caller never called back.

Therapy Dog Helped Diabetic Trucker Monitor Blood Sugar

Not only does Irribarra miss the companionship of his furry co-pilot, his health could also be in jeopardy without Angelo. Irribarra is diabetic and says that the dog senses when his blood sugar is rising and licks his arm to warn him.

Irribarra has put up hundreds of fliers and reported the incident to police, but no leads have turned up yet. In the meantime, the trucker is determined to keep searching for his lost dog. He says, “I can’t get to sleep, I’m not going to work tomorrow. I’m going to keep looking for him because he’s my buddy.”

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