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Driver Declared An Imminent Hazard For Fatal Hit And Run, Cover Up


The FMCSA has declared that a South Carolina truck driver is an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety for his involvement in a fatal hit and run crash that he later attempted to cover up.

FMCSA Accuses Driver Of Fatal Hit And Run

Driver Stevie Wolfe Breland has been ordered not to operate a commercial vehicle after the FMCSA determined that he was involved in a fatal crash on I-77 in Chester County, South Carolina, on February 8. According to reports, Breland rear ended a passenger vehicle, causing it to leave the road and roll over. One of the passengers was killed as a result of the crash.

Driver Falsified Records, Removed Bumper, To Conceal His Role In Crash

The FMCSA says that Breland kept going and later removed his front bumper before delivering his load. He told his company that he had hit a deer and the bumper was repaired.

Breland also reportedly falsified his record of duty status so that on paper he had been in Charleston at the time of the crash.

Based on debris left behind by the Breland’s purple truck along with numerous phoned-in tips, police were able to identify Breland as the hit and run driver on February 11.

Breland had been involved in two other crashes in the eight months before the fatal hit and run.



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