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Driver Placed Out Of Service Following Multiple Fatality Lumber Crash


The FMCSA has placed a Tennessee truck driver out of service after he was found to be drinking, speeding, and in violation of Hours of Service regulations when he caused a crash that killed two and injured two others.

Police: Trucker Was Speeding At The Time Of Crash

According to the out of service order, truck driver Randall J. Weddle was hauling lumber on March 18, 2016, in Route 17 in Knox County, Maine. Weddle was reportedly driving 80 m.p.h. in a 55 m.p.h. zone when his trailer crossed the center line. The truck overturned and the lumber scattered across the roadway.

As Weddle’s truck skidded, it hit a pickup, SUV, and a minivan. The pickup driver was killed. The minivan caught fire and its driver was also killed. Two other people were transported to the hospital with significant injuries.

Investigation Finds Alcohol, Unauthorized Passenger, HOS Violations

When police arrived on the scene, they found whisky in the cab of Weddle’s truck. He failed a field sobriety test.

They also learned that Weddle’s CDL has been revoked for a previous DWI charge in Virginia.

Weddle had several Hours of Service violations, according to police.

He had also reportedly picked up a family member at the lumber yard. That person was an unauthorized passenger on the truck.

In addition to the out of service order, the FMCSA may bring a civil penalty enforcement proceeding against Weddle.



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