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eManifest Enforcement Could Mean Big Fines For Truckers Crossing Canadian Border


American truck drivers crossing the Canadian border could be slapped with significant fines if they fail to comply with eManifest guidelines.

The Canada Border Services Agency announced that they will begin to issue fines to American truck drivers who fail to submit the eManifest (or electronic shipment manifests) documentation ahead of time as of January 11. The eManifest guidelines have been in place for months, but they have not been enforced with monetary penalties until now.

eManifest is designed to allow Canadian officials to analyze the risk associated with any shipments coming across the border.

Truckers must submit an eManifest at least an hour before arriving at the border to avoid the fine.

Officials say that fines will be administered on a sliding scale and could range from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars per shipment.

In addition to fines, failure to comply with eManifest guidelines will likely result in significant delays.

Learn more about eManifest by clicking here.

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