DOT Regulatory Reform Task Force To Target Last Minute Obama-Era Rules

Today the FMCSA issued a final ruling intended to make it easier for current and former military personnel to obtain a commercial learner’s permit or a CDL.

Skills Test Waiver Time Period Increased

Per the new ruling, a member of the military who operated a commercial motor vehicle while serving will be eligible to waive their skills tests for a full year after leaving their position, an increase from the current 90 day time limit. This would make permanent a temporary exemption enacted by the FMCSA in 2014.

Active Duty Members May Take Tests In States Where They Are Stationed

The ruling also allows active duty personnel to apply to take the written and skills test for either the CLP or the CDL in the state where they are currently stationed. This allows members of the military to obtain licensing without the expense or time required to travel to their home state.

However, “States that choose to accept such applications must use forms and procedures acceptable to the state of domicile of the military personnel (their state of permanent residence or “home” state), and must transmit the test results electronically to the state of domicile.” The CLP or CDL would then be issued from the applicant’s home state on the basis of the results of the tests. The FMCSA says that this will help to prevent the loss of domicile and the corresponding benefits like tax breaks.

You can read the final register notice in the document below.

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