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FMCSA: Thousands Of Drivers Have 30 Days To Obtain New Medical Certification


Yesterday the FMCSA issued public notice of their intent to revoke all medical certificates issued by an Atlanta chiropractor in the last two years.

The notice states that the Department of Transportation worked in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Safety to investigate Dr. Anthony Lefteris. Investigators discovered that Lefteris had been performing about 360 truck driver medical exams per month out of an office in the Petrol Stopping Center off of I-285. Most other DOT physical examiners only perform 13 or 14 exams per month.

The FMCSA says that the exams administered by Lefteris were incomplete and that required tests were not performed.

Dr. Lefteris was removed from the National Registry on December 2.

An estimated 6,000 to 8,000 truck drivers will have their medical certificates revoked as a result of the DOT investigation.

The FMCSA is working to locate and contact all of the drivers who have revoked medical certificates to inform them that they have 30 days to obtain valid medical certification.

If you have questions about the status of your medical certification, you can contact the FMCSA at 1-202-366-4001You may also email questions to [email protected].


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