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FMCSA To Keep Random Controlled Substance Testing Rate At 25%


The FMCSA has issued an announcement that they plan to maintain the controlled substance testing rate for commercial drivers at 25% during 2017.

In 2016, the FMCSA dropped the controlled substance testing rate from 50% to 25% following three consecutive years of less than 1% of test results coming back positive for drugs or alcohol.

Federal guidelines give the FMCSA the authority to lower the random testing rate if less than 1% of tests come back positive, but if the positive test rate rises to above 1%, then the random controlled substance test rate would immediately and automatically go back up to 50%.

The estimated positive usage for drugs among commercial drivers is 0.9% in 2014, according to the latest available data from the FMCSA.

The estimated positive usage for alcohol — meaning drivers with a BAC of more than 0.04 — was 0.08%.

[su_document url=”http://ntl.bts.gov/lib/60000/60300/60335/16-005_b_-Drug_and_Alcohol_Survey_2014-FINAL-508C.pdf” width=”700″][/su_document]


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