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Ice Road Truckers Star Killed In Plane Crash On Way Home From GATS


“Ice Road Truckers” star Darrell Ward and one other person were killed over the weekend in a plane crash after leaving the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas.

The crash occurred on Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m. at mile marker 126 of I-90 near Missoula, Montana. Ward and his co-pilot were in a Cessna 182 attempting to make a landing at the Rock Creek airport. Witnesses said that the plane stalled and that the pilot was never able to regain control.

The plane crashed into the shoulder of the eastbound lanes of I-90.

Ward had left in the plane from the Great American Truck show and was en route to film a television documentary series on plane crashes.

Ward was 52 and a father and grandfather.

The NTSB will begin investigating the plane crash today.

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