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“Idiots”: 500 Pounds Of Pot Discovered In 18-Wheeler In Walmart Parking Lot


Indiana police found 500 pounds of marijuana in a truck parked at a Walmart in Fishers yesterday — and according to the manager of the trucking company involved, this is becoming a regular occurrence among his drivers.

This is not the first time that’s happened, man. These guys are a bunch of idiots,” the company manager for Desert Coastal Transport of California said of the independent contract carrier driver who was arrested.

Police became suspicious when they noticed the truck parked overnight with several unloaded pallets of cargo. After police confronted the two men in the truck, canine units were called to the scene. The marijuana was discovered among the truck’s coffee creamer cargo.

Both men were initially detained, but police later determined that only the truck driver, Isaac Roberto Aristiga Bojorquez, knew about the drugs. The other man was released. Bojorquez is being held on suspicion of attempt to deliver more than 5 pounds of marijuana — a felony crime.

The frustrated company manager said that he’s sick and tired of having his trucks seized because of untrustworthy drivers: “It’s happened to us twice already and you know it sucks because we do background checks and we do an extreme background check. This is just bull***.

The drug bust was the largest in the town’s history.

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