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KLLM To Fight Cargo Theft By Locking Trailers — From The Inside


KLLM Transport Services recently announced that they are implementing new technology that will allow them to lock trailers from the inside, helping to deter cargo thieves.

KLLM Trailers Are Locked Remotely

By using Power In-Lock® deadbolt systems in their trailers, KLLM is able to lock trailers electronically from headquarters as soon as they are loaded. According to KLLM President and CEO Jim Richards, once the trailer is locked, it cannot be unlocked until the truck reaches its destination — and even then, it can only be opened by a KLLM employee.

Technology Proves That Cargo Has Not Been Tampered With

The Power In-Lock® also provide shippers with documentation to prove that cargo has not been tampered with.

KLLM chose to utilize the new technology in part to keep up with higher shipping standards put in place by the Food Safety Modernization Act in April 2016.

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