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Mom: Jake Brakes Triggered Former Marine Son’s Traffic Death


A woman says that hearing a truck’s jake brakes triggered an episode of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in her former Marine son that ended in his death.

Rapid-Fire Noise Of Jake Brakes Triggered Flashback

The incident took place around 7 a.m. on June 3 on I-20/59 near Fairfield, Alabama. Sam Wayton, 27, was traveling in a vehicle driven by his girlfriend when a semi driving beside them used its jake brake. Wayton’s mother says the ballistic noise triggered a flashback from a firefight in Afghanistan and that Wayton became convinced that he and his girlfriend were under fire.

Wayton’s girlfriend pulled over to try to calm him. When she did, he exited the vehicle and ran into oncoming traffic. He was hit by another vehicle and later died from his injuries.

Former Marine Suffered From PSTD And Traumatic Brain Injury

Wayton served as a Marine for four years, earning a Purple Heart. Wayton suffered traumatic brain injury after surviving an IED explosion in Afghanistan. He was reportedly seeking treatment at the VA Hospital in Birmingham.

Wayton’s mother lost her only other son a few years ago at the age of 9 when he suffered complications from a heart condition during a P.E. class.

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