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Motorists Form Human Chain To Rescue Trucker Dangling From Pennsylvania Turnpike


On Friday night, a group of strangers stopped to rescue a truck driver who lost control on the snowy Pennsylvania Turnpike and was left dangling over the steep edge of the freeway.

According to Arlyn Satanek, a truck driver who witnessed the whole incident, road conditions were bad about 20 miles east of Bedford and were getting worse when “I saw the truck out in front of me pretty much finishing his wipe out and cutting off the entire two lanes of traffic and angling down over the cliff.

The truck took out nearly half a mile of guardrail as it crashed, leaving glass, fuel, and debris in its wake.

As Satanek stopped his truck, he noticed that motorists had also stopped and were running towards the truck.

In spite of the danger from the glass, leaking fuel, and the steep incline, the strangers linked their arms together, forming a human chain to pull the truck driver safely from the cab. Within 15 minutes the strangers had the truck driver out of the cab and on his feet.

Inspired by the courage of the rescuers, Satanek stopped to snap a photo of the human chain.

The identity of the truck driver has not been released. He was injured during crash, but survived.



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