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New Site Helps Job Seekers By Allowing Drivers To Rate And Review Carriers


OTRDriving is a newly launched website for job seekers that intends to set itself apart by focusing on the needs of the driver instead of on the needs of the trucking company.

One of the most difficult — but most important — parts of looking for a new trucking job is doing the homework required to find a company that pays well and treats drivers with the respect that they deserve. Most drivers are forced to rely on word of mouth recommendations, social media, or even Google searches to try to get the inside scoop on a prospective company.

Startup Makes Truck Drivers — Not Companies — The Top Priority

The startup site OTRDriving is trying to change all of that by creating a comprehensive website designed to give drivers a hand in finding their next job.

According to the OTRDriving developers, “We saw a need to create a new website that would help connect CDL drivers to the various trucking companies, but before development of otrdriving.com began, our website needed to decide what we wanted to be, and better yet, who we were trying to serve. The decision had to be made on whether we were going to tailor our content creation towards helping the trucking company find new drivers or instead focus on helping drivers find a new job?” 

While most job resources are designed to help trucking companies find drivers, OTRDriving hopes to distinguish itself by focusing solely on the needs of the driver: “We knew that we couldn’t simply rebroadcast the marketing material from each trucking company or spam post thousands of job listings . . . There are already dozens of websites out there that do just that.” By offering driver-focused features and content, the site hopes to be a valuable resource for the trucking community.

Rating And Review Feature Simplifies The Trucking Company Research Process

One of the site’s most unique and impressive features is a database of driver-generated ratings and reviews on various trucking companies. Companies are rated from one to five stars in various categories, including “Home Time“, “Overall Pay“, “Miles“, “Communication“, “Equipment“, and “Recruiting Process.” Drivers have the option of leaving anonymous reviews, which ensures that they are honest and helpful to job seekers.

Here’s a sample review from the website:

Great Starter Company but that’s it.

I worked for them for 8 months and I was in the Flatbed devision but home time was good. Every time I asked to go home they got me there but the pay and the miles always sucked. I always sat for a day once I finished a load. Communication wasn’t there unless you messed up. Equipment is fairly new but the drivers treat the trucks bad so they always break down. The recruiting I would say was good, they try to make sure you have the best till you sign on the dotted line then they just don’t care anymore.”

OTRDriving’s Comprehensive Carrier Directory Lets You Decide Who Contacts You

OTRDriving allows you to jump start your job search by filling out a general contact form. From there, you can choose to submit that contact form to all of the carriers in the directory or you can choose to handpick the carriers that you’d like to work for.

FAQ And Articles Guide You Through The Job Seeking Process

The site also features an FAQ and a series of thoughtful articles designed to benefit both rookie and veteran job seekers. These articles include 100 Questions All Truck Drivers Should Ask Their Driver Recruiter and 5 Tips CDL Drivers Should Use When Searching For A New Trucking Company.
Though the company is new, founders say that they are constantly looking for ways to improve the job seeking experience for CDL holders: “Overall we are still a relatively new startup and we are still in the process of adding valuable content to better assist the truck driving community.”


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