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North Carolina Man Wants To Give Convicted Felons A Second Chance In The Trucking Industry


A North Carolina trucking company leader is working to change laws that prevent convicted felons from getting jobs in the trucking industry.

Robinson: Trucking Needs Drivers, Convicted Felons Need Jobs

Karl Robinson, president of R & R Transportation in Greensboro, says that North Carolina businesses are desperately in need of skilled labor. He says he regularly sees trucking companies with dozens of trucks sitting because they can’t find anyone to drive them.

Most recently released felons are also desperately in need work, he says, so the partnership makes sense: “When they come out of prison they have a hard time finding a job other than for cleaning services and things like that and you can’t provide for yourself or your family if you don’t make a good living wage.”

Working With Washington To Change Insurance Laws

Last week Robinson met with leaders in Washington to discuss North Carolina’s workforce issues and to try to garner support for a movement to change insurance laws to allow more trucking companies to hire convicted felons.

Robinson believes that the fate of North Carolina’s economy depends on increasing access to skilled labor. He also believes that giving felons a second chance is a win-win situation for everyone: “This is not a selfish thing. This is something that will help everyone in the community and it will bring a different light on North Carolina as far as being inclusive.”

If you have questions about getting a truck driving job as a convicted felon, click here to learn more.

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