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North Carolina Trucking Company Declared Imminent Hazard For Numerous Violations


The FMCSA has shut down a North Carolina trucking company for failure to comply with numerous federal safety regulations.

Brake Failure Crash And Truck Driver Without CDL Lead To Further Investigation

Les’s Tree and Stump, Inc was ordered to immediately cease operation following federal compliance review investigation conducted in February 2016. This investigation was prompted in part by an August 2015 incident in which one of the company’s trucks crashed into four vehicles at a stop light. The driver told the North Carolina Highway Patrol that he had pressed on the brake pedal, but nothing happened. Upon further inspection, seven of ten brakes were found to be inoperative or improperly adjusted. The driver also lacked a valid CDL.

FMSCA: North Carolina Trucking Company Displayed Pattern Of Repeated Safety Violation

According to the FMCSA’s compliance review, Lee’s Tree and Stump was shut down because the company has “engaged in and continues to engage in a pattern and practice of flagrantly ignoring and violating” federal safety regulations.

The investigation found the the company does not adequately maintain their vehicles and lacks a preventative maintenance program for their trucks. Their trucks are placed out of service at a higher rate than the industry average.

The FMCSA also found that the company has an “almost nonexistent” drug and alcohol testing program.

Lee’s Tree and Stump is also accused of failing to monitor drivers for compliance with hours of service regulations.

According to investigators, the trucking company also dispatched unqualified drivers and failed to maintain the required documentation on its drivers.

You can read the Out of Service Order in full here.


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