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Panicked 911 Calls From Trucker Road Rage Incident Released


“There’s a truck driver that just ran me off the road and I’m in front of him right now and he’s trying to kill me.”

This is just one of dozens of calls made to 911 regarding Texas logging truck driver Danny Gonzalez’s angry road rage rampage in Bullitt County, Kentucky last week. Gonzalez reportedly ran almost a dozen vehicles off the road including two school buses because he was angry about how truckers are treated and because he was unhappy that he had to go to work. The incident ended when Gonzalez’s truck became stuck in a field.

911 Calls Paint A Clearer Portrait Of Intense Road Rage Incident

One terrified woman told dispatchers, “That person is on drugs, I have nobody close to me because he could hit anyone. Oh, my goodness! Ohhh!

Another 911 caller said, “This truck is just running over everybody on the road.

Motorist Jeremy Newman chose to follow Gonzalez’s truck to help police bring it to a stop. He told the operator, “He’s done hit (rear-ended) me three times, he’s running school buses off the road. Hit the guard rails. Everything! Oh, my Gosh, he’s taking out signs.

Newman then said, worried, “He’s coming right towards me. He’s gonna kill me! Aw, (expletive).

Calls May Be Used To Convict Gonzalez

The prosecution may use the 911 calls to help convict Gonzalez, who is still in jail because he has no one to pay his $15,000 bond.

You can hear some of the 911 calls for yourself in the local news report below.



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