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Pennsylvania Turnpike Releases List Of Top 24 Trucking Toll Violators


In an attempt to shame trucking companies into paying up, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has published a list of the top 24 toll violators — a group that allegedly owes $1.5 million in unpaid tolls.

Turnpike officials say that the 24 commercial toll violators — mostly trucking companies — have simply ignored 9,000 violations notices.

Said Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissioner Sean Logan: “We are doing all we can to collect every penny, but it is simply not enough. Without support from state lawmakers for tougher consequences, a growing number of violators from every state will continue to cheat both the Turnpike Commission and the commonwealth as a whole.

The top offender on the Turnpike Commission’s list is New Jersey-based Green Coast Logistics. They have over 7,600 violation notices and owe almost $700,000.

Here are the top 10 Pennsylvania Turnpike toll violators and the amount that they owe.

  1. 1. Green Coast Logistics (New Jersey) — $678,483
  2. 2. Natural Stone Wholesalers LLC (New Jersey) — $79,659
  3. 3. U-Haul Co Of Arizona (Arizona) — $75,017
  4. 4. Salson Dedicated Inc. (New Jersey) — $56,390
  5. 5. Cheaper By The Dozen LLC (Pennsylvania) — $56,378
  6. 6. Crystal Carrier Corp. (Minnesota) — $56,319
  7. 7. Tad Transport LLC (Pennsylvania) — $47,275
  8. 8. Schweikert Trucking LLC (New Jersey) — $43,776
  9. 9. JFP Transport LLC (Pennsylvania) — $42,977
  10. 10. Family Logistics LLC (Pennsylvania) — $$42,404

You can check out the entire list of toll violators in the document below.

[su_document url=”https://www.paturnpike.com/Press/PressReleaseImages/20161025145201.pdf” width=”700″]Trucker’s Letter To Paul Ryan In Washington[/su_document]

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