Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls To Increase 6 Percent

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls Going Up On Sunday

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved a six percent toll increase which will go into effect in 2017.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls Go Up For Ninth Year In A Row

Pennsylvania transportation officials say that the toll increase is necessitated by the cost of rebuilding and widening the roadway. This is the ninth year in a row that the cost of Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls has risen.

For truck driver who use E-ZPass, this means that rates will increase from $9.59 to $10.17. Truckers who pay the toll in cash will see an increase from $13.60 to $14.45.

The toll increase will go into effect after midnight on January 7, 2017.

Commission Says Toll Increases Are Necessary

The Turnpike Commission claims that the toll increased are a necessity, but they also say that they plan to review their spending and are considering a hiring freeze.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission stated previously that they believe that yearly toll increases of three to six percent will be necessary until 2044.

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