Truck Driver Arrested For Pushing Man Out Of Truck And Running Over Him

A man who angrily insisted that it was legal for him to speed to pass a big rig found himself arrested at gunpoint this morning.

Motorist Claims It Is Fine To Speed When Passing A Big Rig

Police say that 60 year old Michael Catlin was driving on Marksheffel Road in Colorado Springs around 7 a.m. when he was pulled over for speeding.

During the traffic stop, Catlin became extremely agitated and yelled at the officer that he had a “citizen’s legal right” to exceed the posted speed limit because he was passing a semi truck.

Traffic Stop Becomes Heated

Catlin got out of his vehicle and continued his tirade, moving towards the officer in a threatening manner. The officer pulled out his gun and ordered Catlin to get back into his car.

Caitlin complied, but then drove away. The police officer followed him, pulled him over a second time, and arrested him.

It is currently unclear exactly what charges Catlin will face.

The Denver Post

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