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Police Release Image To Aid In Search For Road Rage Killer


Days after a trucker was killed by another truck driver during a suspected road rage incident, police have released a photo that they hope will help them find the man who pulled the trigger.

Driver Shot At Least Three Times During Road Rage Incident

George Guerrero, 44, was shot in the eastbound lanes of I-10 around 2 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses say that Guerrero moved from the left lane to the right lane to avoid construction. A dull orange truck hauling a white trailer immediately started tailgating him. On-site sources describe the driver as a black male with a beard. When Guerrero moved back to the right lane, the other truck driver came up alongside him, bumped his truck, fired at least three shots, then sped away.

Guerrero’s truck left the road and drove into the woods, where authorities later found him dead in the cab.

Police Hope Photo Helps Them Track Down Shooter

Three days after the incident, police say they have received about 500 calls, but they don’t have any suspects at this time. They have released an image of a truck with the same make, model, and color of the truck they are searching for in hopes of zeroing in on the shooter. The suspect’s truck is likely to have damage to the front passenger side.

Law enforcement is on high alert on  I-10 and I-95 and weigh stations are on the look out for the truck.

Guerrero’s sister urges the shooter to turn himself in: “I think he’s (the shooter) a coward. I think he is disgusting. He has sickened and hurt this entire family. He took someone that was loved, cared about, that loved people, loved life and he needs to turn himself in and face the fact the he killed somebody.

Guerrero’s family has been reunited with his dog Aria, who he rescued from a shelter and who was with him when he died.

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