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Police Search For Mystery Truck That Dumped Mystery Substance On Ohio Road


Police in Mentor, Ohio, have released an image of a truck that they believe dumped a “mystery substance” onto an intersection, causing a three car crash — and a big mess.

Police Describe Mystery Substance As “Grey Muck”

The incident occurred on April 14 at the intersection of State Route 306 and Tyler Blvd. Police believe that a truck with a green cab dumped a substance which was described as “grey muck” in the road. As vehicles became stuck in the substance, a three-car crash occurred. No one was hurt.

When hazmat teams arrived on the scene, they determined that the substance was not toxic, but they could not determine what it was. Witnesses said that it had a foul odor and that it was almost impossible to get off of their cars.

Photo Of Suspect Truck Released

Mentor police have released an image of the truck that they believe is responsible for the dumping. If you have any further information on the incident, you can call the Mentor Police Department at 440-205-3293.

If found, the truck driver could be cited for failure to secure his load.

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