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Police: Trucker’s Claim That Car Driver Shot Him Was False Report


Whether they suspect it was a case of road rage revenge or a not so funny joke, Utah police do not believe a truck driver’s claim that he was shot at while driving along I-15.

Trucker Reports Two Shots Fired At His Rig

The incident began with a 911 call around 2 p.m. near Cedar City. The truck driver reported that the driver of a grey Buick with Florida license plates had threatened him with a black firearm before shooting two rounds at his truck. He told police that both shots missed his vehicle. He also said that it appeared that the passenger who was wearing a bright red shirt tried to take the gun away from the driver. The truck driver said that the Buick’s driver and passenger were Hispanic.

Couple Approached By Police With Guns Drawn

Police stationed seven officers in an attempt to catch the Buick. When after an hour they located the Buick, police approached the car with guns drawn only to find what they described as an “unsuspecting couple.” While the passenger was wearing a red shirt, police soon concluded that the couple had not shot at the truck and that they believed the truck driver’s report was fabricated.

Police Believe Report Was A Joke

Said Utah Highway Patrol Sergent Dan Ferguson, “it really sucks that somebody thought it was really funny to scare this couple to death.” Ferguson also stated that the truck driver “knew how to do this false report very well. The car did exist.

While police have not located the truck yet, they do have the phone number and the name of the truck driver. They have also confirmed the name of the company that the driver works for. They plan to continue investigating the incident.

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