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Police Use Gunfire To Stop Truck After Waffle House Parking Lot Troubles Escalate


Georgia police were forced to use gunfire to incapacitate a truck after the driver, who was stuck in a Waffle House parking lot, became uncooperative and even threatening toward the officers.

Struck Truck Driver Refuses To Comply With Police

The incident began around 8 p.m. on Saturday night at the Waffle House in College Park. According to on site reports, 46 year old truck driver Yahya Nalm Shakur was stuck on a curb and could not get out of the parking lot. Witnesses said that Shakur kept going back and forth to try to free his truck, but he was unable to do so, causing a traffic back up.

Police eventually arrived on scene. Shakur was reportedly uncooperative and would not stop moving his truck back and forth, even at the request of the officers. By this time, as many as a dozen officers were on the scene.

Police Shoot At Tires, Radiator, To Incapacitate Truck

Shakur then allegedly turned his truck toward the officers, who responded by shooting out his tires and and the radiator to incapacitate the truck. Shakir remained uncompliant even after he was tased.

Police were finally able to take Shakur in to custody. He was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, reckless conduct, reckless driving, obstruction, and DUI less safe.

No officers were hurt during the incident. Shakur was not hit by any of the gunfire.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to perform an independent investigation into the incident.

Witness Video Captures Waffle House Parking Lot Confrontation

A witness captured the dramatic incident in the video below.

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