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Pregnant Woman Looking For Trucker Who Saved Her Life


A Maine woman is looking for a truck driver who she says saved her life after a crash on October 10.

The crash happened just after 6 a.m. on southbound I-295 near Portland.

Thirty-five year old motorist Erin Kaye was on her way to work when a raccoon in the road caused her to lose control of her car. Kaye said, “I don’t know if it was because the road was frosty, but I lost control of my vehicle and ended up swerving across both lanes and smashed into the guardrail at a high rate of speed, and just as I hit the guardrail, I saw two giant headlights from a tractor-trailer. He swerved to avoid me and missed me by just feet.

Kaye managed to stop her car. She said that the truck driver also stopped and came running toward her. She said that she was hysterical but that the trucker, who introduced himself as “Scott”, held her hand and called 911. She said that she was terrified that she might lose her baby but that Scott was very calm and told her it would be okay.

Kaye said that Scott later told her “I had to make a decision to slam on the brake or gun it. I made the decision to gun it and swerve by you.” She firmly believes that his split-second decision saved her life.

When rescue crews arrived, the trucker went on his way.

After getting checked out at the hospital and finding out that she and her baby were okay, Kaye and her husband desperate to find the driver who saved her life.

Here are a few facts she learned about Scott during their brief conversation while they waited for help.

  • –He was delivering flooring.
  • –He came from “down south” — Augusta or Auburn.
  • –His truck had a white trailer with an image of a woman’s legs in high heels on it.
  • –Scott was described as a man in his 50’s of medium height and build with short brown hair.
  • –Kaye believes the man lives with his daughter and his 10 month old grandson.

Kaye says that she and her husband just want to thank the truck driver for his kindness: “It takes a special kind of person to stop and be kind and compassionate, and this man didn’t have to do that, but he did.”

Click here for the original report from Central Maine.


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