New York To Revoke Vehicle Registration For Toll Evaders

One of the nation’s largest trucking companies, Prime Inc., is taking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Tax Department to court over highway taxes.

Prime Inc. Takes New York To Court

Prime Inc. is suing Cuomo and the state of New York over the $15 certificate of registration and the $4 highway use tax decal that out of state trucks have to purchase to operate within New York.

These two out of state trucking taxes have already been eliminated in this year’s budget talks after they were ruled unconstitutional in a class action lawsuit that OOIDA recently filed against the state of New York.

Lawsuit Seeks Refund Of Unconstitutional Taxes Previously Paid

The Prime lawsuit seeks to recoup the previous payments made to the eliminated tax, which is estimated at around $478,000.

Prime is one of the nation’s biggest trucking companies, with 6,300 trucks on the road and $1 billion in annual revenue.

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