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Professional Driver Tops The List Of 10 Most Back-Breaking Jobs


A study from the North American Spine Society put “Driver” at the very top of their annual list of the careers most harmful to back health.

The findings will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent any amount of time behind the wheel of a truck. Whole body vibration and spinal compression for hours without relief can take a serious toll on a driver’s spinal health, especially over the course of many years.

Here is the complete list of the NASS’s Top 10 “Back-Breaking” Jobs

  1. 1. Driver
  2. 2. Construction worker
  3. 3. Nursing
  4. 4. Office worker
  5. 5. Manual Laborer
  6. 6. Dentistry
  7. 7. Warehouse worker
  8. 8. Mechanic
  9. 9. Factory worker
  10. 10. Motherhood

The NASS does have some tips to help professional drivers to fight back pain.

  1. 1. Don’t drive with objects in your back pockets. This can throw off your spinal alignment and contribute to pain.
  2. 2. Think of trucking as a sport and stretch your body before you begin and after you finish for the day.
  3. 3. Support your lower back with a pillow or rolled up towel.
  4. 4. Try to move a little in your seat — “even 10 seconds of movement and gentle stretching is helpful.”
  5. 5. Keep up with maintenance on your tires, brakes, and shock absorbers.
  6. 6. Try to choose a route with the least amount of traffic, construction, and pot holes.



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