Raccoon Blamed For Jackknife, Diesel Spill

A semi truck crash that led to a diesel fuel spill that forced officials to evacuate a Florida neighborhood was caused by a raccoon in the road, according to a recent police report.

The November 27 crash happened around 4 a.m. on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral.

According to the police report, 40 year old truck driver Rida M. Bendarif was hauling 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel when he spotted a raccoon in the road. Bendarif swerved to avoid the animal, which caused his truck to jackknife and then roll over.

The crash caused about 750 gallons of diesel to leak out onto the ground. That fuel later caught fire and forced officials to evacuate nearby homes.

Bendarif was treated for non life threatening injuries at a nearby hospital.

He was cited for careless driving.

The fate of the raccoon is unknown.


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