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Rock Throwing Charlotte Teens Targeting FedEx Trucks


North Carolina police believe that teens are to blame for a series of late night rock throwing incidents surrounding the FedEx hub in northwestern Charlotte.

Rock Throwing Becoming A Serious Concern For Charlotte FedEx Drivers

There have been at least three rock throwing cases targeting FedEx trucks in the area since June. On July 25, FedEx driver Bryan Flynn was behind the wheel when a rock was thrown at his truck, shattering the passenger’s side of the windshield. Flynn said that this was not an uncommon experience: “It’s happened to me twice, it’s happened to my company, my personal boss three different times and from what I understand it’s an ongoing problem.

Driver Patrick Crisler also reported a that someone threw a rock at his truck as he left the FedEx hub a couple of weeks ago. It luckily only hit the passenger side front quarter panel.

One FedEx truck driver reported that a rock between the size of a baseball and a basketball had been hurled at his truck.

Police Say Rock Throwing Is A Teen Trend

Police reportedly arrested one thirteen year old who was a part of a group of three children throwing rocks at trucks just days ago, but drivers in the area should still be on the alert. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Johnathan Frisk says, “We’ve seen a trend in the youth, juveniles throwing rocks at trucks, particularly FedEx trucks.

FedEx says that they are working with local police.



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