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Special FMCSA Website Previews Six Proposed SMS Enhancements


The FMCSA has created a new website to help explain the impact of six proposed changes to the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and to seek public comment on those changes.

On the new website, carriers will have the ability to log in and to see exactly how the proposed changes would impact their SMS results. Other members of the public can also use the new site to better understand the proposed SMS enhancements by viewing results for an example carrier.

FMCSA says that the six proposed changes to the SMS “would allow us to sharpen our focus on carriers with high crash rates, prioritize our investigative resources on carriers with more crash involvement, more accurately account for the carriers that possess increased exposure due to above average Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT), and strengthen Hazardous Materials (HM) compliance.”

FMCSA’s Six Proposed SMS Enhancements

1. Improving Our Focus on Carriers with High Crash Rates By Adjusting Intervention Thresholds
2. Prioritizing Our Investigative Resources on Carriers with More Crash Involvement
3. Sharpening Our Focus on Carriers with Recent Violations
4. A More Accurate Picture of Carrier Exposure
5. A More Effective HM Compliance BASIC
6. More Effectively Identify Driver Safety Problems Related To Out Of Service Orders

FMCSA is seeking public comment on the proposed SMS enhancements through December 3, 2016. Click here to submit a comment.

Click here to visit the new website.


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