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Study Ranks Top 10 States For Traffic Congestion


A study released today ranks the top ten state in the U.S. for traffic congestion.

The study was released by TRIP on the 60th “birthday” of the U.S. Interstate Highway system. In those 60 years, according to the study, the number of vehicles on the road has risen from 65 million to 260 million. The number of yearly miles has also risen from 626 billion to 3 trillion.

Researchers also say that the U.S. is only spending 61% of the money necessary to keep the interstate system in good working order.

The interstate system has not kept up with the increase in traffic, leading to increases in congestion. According to the study, these are the ten states which have the worst congestion, ranked by the percentage of urban interstates which are congested.

Top 10 Most Congested States

  1. California — 85%
  2. Maryland — 75%
  3. New Jersey — 73%
  4. Rhode Island — 63%
  5. Delaware — 63%
  6. Massachusetts — 62%
  7. Hawaii — 60%
  8. Connecticut — 60%
  9. Florida — 59%
  10. Minnesota — 56%

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