Study Ranks Best And Worst Drivers By State

Study Ranks Best And Worst Drivers By State

A new study from an insurance site used over two million data points to rank American drivers from worst to best by state.

The study from QuoteWizard looked at Federal Highway Administration data and factored in speeding tickets, total accidents, DUI tickets and highway fatalities in order to rank the drivers in each state.

Utah’s drivers are ranked the nation’s very worst while Rhode Island’s drivers were ranked the very best.

Here are their results from worst to best:

6.South Carolina
7.North Dakota
10. Arizona
11. Minnesota
12. Missouri
13. Kansas
14. Idaho
16. Vermont
17. Ohio
18. Delaware
19. New Jersey
20. Oregon
21. Connecticut
22. Maryland
23. Wyoming
24. New Mexico
25. Wisconsin
26. New Hampshire
27. North Carolina
28. Louisiana
29. Iowa
30. Alabama
31. Texas
32. Massachusetts
33. Indiana
34. Pennsylvania
35. Tennessee
36. Alaska
37. Hawaii
38. New York
39. Montana
40. Kentucky
41. Oklahoma
42. West Virginia
43. Illinois
44. South Dakota
45. Arkansas
46. Nevada
47. Michigan
48. Mississippi
49. Florida
50. Rhode Island


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