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Survey: Suspected Sleep Apnea Is Costly For Truckers


A new survey released by theĀ American Transportation Research Institute says that sleep apnea screening can cost thousands of dollars — and that more than half of truck drivers pay at least some of these costs out of their own pocket.

Many Truckers Spend Over $1000 On Sleep Apnea Screening

The survey highlighted the many burdens that sleep apnea screenings place on truckers. According to the survey results, 53% of truck drivers pay for all or part of the cost of their sleep study out of pocket. The average out of pocket expense paid by truckers for sleep screenings is $1,220.

Not only are sleep studies costly, but they also keep drivers from getting behind the wheel to earn money. 41% of the survey respondents reported spending between 1 and 30 days away from work for sleep apnea testing.

Survey Questions Effectiveness Of CPAP For Mild Sleep Apnea

The survey also found that CPAP treatment was effective for severe apnea symptoms — with 84% of sufferers reporting more sleep while using the machine. However, for truckers with only mild sleep apnea, the CPAP treatment only improved sleep for about 32%.

Said OOIDA member Barbara Beal, “ATRI’s research clearly shows what my fellow drivers and I have been experiencing. The costs associated with sleep apnea screening and treatment are not inconsequential for drivers and the flexibility to utilize lower cost options for both screening and treatment will be critical if FMCSA moves forward with a formal rule making.

You can download the ATRI’s full white paper on by clicking here.


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