These 24 Cities Have The Most Road Rage

24 U.S. Cities With The Most Road Rage

Road rage is not a new problem, but as more and more vehicles crowd onto U.S. highways, it is becoming a growing problem. The recent road rage shooting death of trucker George Guerrero is proof of how dangerous other drivers can be.

Thanks to a recent study by the Auto Insurance Center, you can have a better understanding of where extra caution is needed to protect yourself against road rage. The study looked to determine which states have the most road rage by analyzing over 65,000 Instagram posts that used the hashtag #RoadRage. While the study isn’t comprehensive, since not everyone uses Instagram, it does provide interesting insight into angry American’s driving habits.

Here are the nation’s top 24 road rage cities.

24. Scottsdale, AZ

23. Portland, OR

22. Honolulu, HI

21. Hoboken, NJ

20. Boston, MA

19. Culver City, CA

18. Philadelphia, PA

17. Miami, FL

16. Dallas, TX

15. Beverly Hills, CA

14. Weehawken, NJ

13. Washington, DC

12. Seattle, WA

11. Santa Monica, CA

10. Atlanta, GA

9. Austin, TX

8. Houston, TX

7. Anaheim, CA

6. San Francisco, CA

5. San Diego, CA

4. Chicago, IL

3. Mount Pleasant, NC

2. New York City, NY

1. Los Angeles, CA

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