Man And Woman Found Dead In Semi In Cleveland

Ohio police are investigating after a man and a woman were found dead in a semi truck parked in the downtown Cleveland area.

Man Alerts Police After Seeing Semi Parked In The Same Spot For Days

The pair were discovered last night around midnight at the intersection of East 9th Street and Canal after a witness contacted police.

The witness told investigators that he had spotted the truck with its engine running in the same spot one week ago, and then again last Wednesday. Yesterday, he approached the truck and saw a man lying facedown on the floor of the cab.

After the witness contacted police, rescue crews broke out a window in order get into the truck.

Cause Of Death Is Unknown

Police found 56 year old Jonathan Taylor deceased on the floor of the truck. Sixty-three year old Sylvia Dority was also found dead with her upper body resting on the bed and her knees on the floor of the truck.

It is unclear how long Taylor and Dority had been dead inside the truck.

Investigators have not yet been able to determine the cause of death. Autopsies will be performed on both Taylor and Dority.

Both Taylor and Dority had been previously been reported missing.

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