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Truck Crashes Into House, Tow Truck Driver Called In To Remove It Arrested


After a truck rolled backwards and crashed into a home in Greenbrier, Tennessee, this morning, police arrested the tow truck driver asked to remove the crashed big rig.

Truck Rolls Backwards Into House

The truck driver, who lived in the neighborhood, said that he’d just parked his truck and hopped out when it started to roll backwards. The trucker ran after it and tried to get back inside to hit the brakes, but he wasn’t able to do so. The truck crashed into a residence, destroying the bathroom and twisting the house so badly on its foundation that authorities later said that the home is completely uninhabitable. Two passenger vehicles were damaged in the crash.

Neighbors said the crash sounded like a tornado.

One report blamed brake failure for the incident.

The truck driver only suffered minor injuries.

The two people in the house were not hurt, though the female occupant of the house had left the bathroom only moments before the truck hit the house.

Tow Truck Driver Becomes Heated And Gets Arrested

Later, a tow truck driver was called in to remove the crashed truck from the residence. While authorities were interviewing the trucker about the cause of the crash, the tow truck driver reportedly kept interjecting himself into the conversation and using heavy profanity. Police attempted to separate the tow truck driver from the trucker. As they did, the tow truck driver reportedly made an aggressive motion. He was tackled and handcuffed after a brief struggle.

The tow truck driver was booked on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. A police officer’s uniforms was torn during the crash, so the tow truck driver could also face charges for assault on a police officer.

There is no word yet on whether the truck driver will face charges.

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