Truck Driver App: Scale Buster

A new app called Scale Buster that debuted yesterday is designed to provide truckers with real time information about the location of DOT portable scales as a “safety net” to prevent them from being put out of service.

Scale Buster says that it’s mission is to provide truckers with protection from fines, delays, and harassment from DOT officers.

According to the Scale Buster website, the app gives drivers information about the location of DOT portable scales by enabling users to warn other drivers of the scales that they come across. From the site: “Scale Buster is a user-run application that harnesses the power of millions of drivers actively on the roads to watch out for DOT portable scales. A user can drop an initial pin to mark a portable scale location. A second user notification will “VERIFY” the initial pin so that drivers don’t get “False Positives.” Then, the Scale Buster app will instantly notify all of the other app users where law enforcement is hiding out!

In addition to giving drivers information on DOT portable scales, the app developers say that it will also provide information on “hard DOT inspection sites, Port of Entry scales, state patrol locations, gas & rest stops, plus the ability to locate other obstacles such as traffic accidents, road hazzards traffic jams, or road construction zones.”

Learn more about the app by watching the video below or click on the buttons to download the free ad-supported version of Scale Buster. If you like, you can upgrade to the ad-free paid version as well.

Download The Scale Buster App On iTunes Download The Scale Buster App On The Google Play Store


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