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Truck Driver Gives Strange Explanation For Parking On I-12


A truck driver is facing charges for parking his rig on I-12 in Louisiana’s Livingston Parish, backing up traffic Tuesday night and Wednesday morning — and his explanation for his actions has many people scratching their heads.

Trucker Backs Up Traffic By Parking On I-12

Police say that 55 year old truck driver Wesley Caldwell parking in the right hand lane of eastbound I-12 and refused to move even when State Troopers asked him to do so.

Because Caldwell wouldn’t leave the truck, police were forced to go in after him. Caldwell’s pants reportedly fell off at some point during the incident.

Driver Offers Weird Excuse For Interstate Parking Incident

When police asked him why he wouldn’t move his truck, he told them it was because he believed that the truck was already moving.

Caldwell faces misdemeanor charges and possible jail time. Police do not believe that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



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