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Truck Driver Saves Suicidal Man


A truck driver is being credited with saving a man’s life.

Earlier this month, a suicidal man jumped off of the L Street overpass and landed on Highway 99, directly in the path of an oncoming truck driven by Stephen Rodriquez Jr.

Rodriguez slammed on his brakes, then swerved into the middle lane, and was able to avoid hitting the man.

Rodriguez then stopped his truck, got out and pulled the man out of the middle of the roadway. He used a flashlight to steer oncoming drivers away.

The man was injured, bleeding but conscious. He was able to maintain a conversation with Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez was waiting with the man, the man tried crawling back into the path of oncoming traffic. Rodriguez was able to pull the man back to safety again.

Soon after, authorities arrived and took the man to a hospital.

For his good deed, Rodriguez was given the rest of the day off, with pay. Rodriguez’s employer said that he has a good heart and the company is proud of him.

Rodriguez is a 4th generation truck driver. He said he believes it’s his duty to help anyone in need on the road.

Great job, driver!







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