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Trucker And Security Guard Fist Fight Over Appointment Time At Sam’s Club Distribution Center


An argument over delivery drop off time led to a fight — complete with hair pulling, on the ground wrestling, and punches — between two women at the Sam’s Club Distribution Center in Brownstown, Michigan.

Police say that the incident took place on February 10 around 10:30 p.m. when an Ohio trucker attempted to drop off a loaded trailer at the warehouse.

Trucker Attempted To Drop Off Load At Incorrect Time

The security guard on duty told the trucker that she wasn’t scheduled to be unloaded until 9 o’clock the next morning. The trucker wanted to leave the trailer anyway, but the security guard refused to let her.

Security Guard Makes Life Difficult For Truck Driver

When the trucker said that she would go through the security gate and make a U-turn to leave, the security guard told her that this was not allowed because of company policy. The trucker said that she would not back up her truck in the area because she believed it was unsafe.

Conflict Escalates To Physical Fight At Distribution Center

At this point, according to reports, the security guard closed the security gate. The trucker got out of her rig and confronted the security guard. The two women began hair pulling and wrestling on the ground. Then, punches were thrown, though the women disagreed about who threw the first blow.

Both Women Choose Not To File Charges

When the fire department arrived at the scene, they saw that the trucker had suffered facial abrasions while the security guard had a lump on her head and appeared to have lost a clump of hair.

The security guard’s supervisor arrived and allowed the trucker to make the U-turn to leave the distribution center.

Both women elected not to file charges.

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