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Trucker Murdered In Memphis By Masked Gunman


Police are investigating the death of an Iowa trucker who was shot and killed by a masked gunman in Memphis, Tennessee.

Trucker Shot While Attempting To Flee From Four Masked Men

The shooting took place while 48 year old Lonnie Ludvigsson was working as a trucker for U-Ship on January 9. Around 3:40 p.m. while Ludvigsson was parked near the 700 block of South Prescott, a masked man approached his truck. The man, who carried a handgun, ordered Ludvigsson out of his truck, walked him back to a blue Mazda with three masked passengers, and demanded money. Ludvigsson tried to run away and was shot by the gunman.

A witness returned gunfire and believes that he may have hit one of the attackers, who fled in the Mazda.

Neighbors reported hearing approximately ten gunshots during the incident.

Driver Pronounced Dead At Scene

A neighbor reported that he attempted CPR, but that is was too late. Rescue crews pronounced Ludvigsson dead at the scene.

Ludvigsson was a 12 year cancer survivor and a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

Police are still investigating the shooting. They have not yet made any arrests.

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