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Truckers Box In Road Rager To Protect Family On The Highway


Truckers worked together to box in a road raging Subaru driver who was threatening a family of three on I-70 in Indiana over the weekend.

According to a report in the Terra Haute Tribune-Star, the incident happened late Sunday night when Kayla Harden-Roberts, her husband Brandon, and their seven year old son, were driving in the westbound lanes of I-70 from Indianapolis to Terre Haute. The couple noticed a red Subaru Outback driving erratically in front of them. The Subaru driver reportedly even leaned out of the car window to throw objects at a BMW that passed him.

Road Rager Targets Indiana Family

After the couple called police to report the driver, the Subaru slowed down in the left lane in front of them. Brandon flashed the headlights to let the Subaru driver know he wanted to pass, an action which the couple says caused the Subaru driver to target them.

In a bizarre series of events, the Subaru driver allegedly refused to let the couple pass for 10 miles, brake checking the couple and running them off the interstate. They called Indiana State Police but were told that there were no units available to respond.

Without Police Assistance, Family Turns To Truckers For Help

Desperate, Brandon kept driving while Kayla was able to get the attention of a truck driver by screaming out the window. The truck driver contacted other nearby truckers. The truck drivers located and boxed in the Subaru while the family kept driving on I-70 for approximately 25 miles while they waited for police. Police were still unable to send a unit to assist the couple, so they advised them over the phone to take the next exit.

The then family sped in front of the trucker who was assisting them and they were able to take the Brazil exit. Unfortunately, the Subaru driver was able to escape from the truckers and took the same exit. He somehow got ahead of the family and blocked the road, then got out and threw himself at the family’s vehicle.  Then the Subaru driver got back in the car and followed the family to a BP gas station parking lot.

Police advised the couple to stop driving and wait for an officer to arrive, but every time that they did, the Subaru driver stopped also and threw himself on their vehicle. Finally, when sirens became audible, the Subaru driver screamed that he had a 5 month old child in his vehicle before driving away.

The family was uninjured during the incident, though Kayla admits, ““We’re all pretty traumatized.”

Road Rager Manages To Evade Police

Police have not been able to locate the Subaru driver. The couple believes that his license plate number is WOD484 and that the Subaru was a late 1990’s or early 2000’s model. The road rager was described as “wearing a green (cut off) tank and he was very built.”

If you have information on the incident, please contact Indiana State Police at Putnamville at 765-653-4114.

You can read Kayla’s story in her own words in her Facebook post below.

Terra Haute Tribune-Star


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