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Truckers Fall Victim To Well Rehearsed Jackpot Scam


Two out of state truckers lost thousands of dollars to what the describe as a well-rehearsed jackpot scam at a truck stop in Georgia on Saturday.

Florida truck driver John Rhodes and a Virginia-based driver who asked not to be identified were at a Pilot truck stop off of I-85 in Jackson County when they were targeted by scammers.

The scammers told Rhodes and the Virginia trucker that another truck driver had hit the jackpot at a nearby casino and was giving away food and money inside the truck stop. When the truckers started to go inside the store, the scammer told them that the winning truck driver must have moved outside. The truckers observed a group of working-class dressed white men. One of them was seen handing out money to the others.

The “jackpot winner” told the truckers that he would match whatever they had in their pockets. The truckers pulled out cash. The men grabbed it and fled the scene.

Rhodes lost $400 and said he was unable to pay one of his bills. The Virginia trucker lost $2700 worth of cash that he’d collected from customers and owed the truck owner. He says that he is morally obligated to repay the money and that he will have to “work like a slave” to pay the debt.

Police told the men that there were no casinos nearby.

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