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Truckers Offer Choice Words On Speed Limiter Proposal


The speed limiter proposal is one of the most controversial regulation changes to the trucking industry in years –and many truckers are making sure that their opinions are heard on the matter.

The notice of proposed rule making published in August would require that trucks weighing over 26,000 pounds come equipped with speed limiting devices that would prevent them from traveling faster than suggested speeds of 60 m.p.h., 65 m.p.h. or 68 m.p.h.

The FMCSA opened a two month comment period on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on September 7 and since then, over 3000 people have responded. An overwhelming percentage of these commenters are truckers.

Drivers Voice Opinions On Speed Limiter Proposal

Here is what they had to say.

As an over the road trucker, I can say without any hesitation that speed limiters on trucks would be one of the most dangerous steps that could ever be taken. I have personally been brake checked almost into catastrophic accidents by autos on 3 occasions in the past 4 months because I am in a governed truck and could not get around traffic “fast enough” for these autos. I can only imagine the exponential growth of road rage from auto drivers, accidents, and deaths, if speed limiting is put in place. I strongly oppose this proposed regulation.” — Anonymous

I have been driving a truck for 20 years up and down these interstates and to think that we will all be governed to the same speed is the worst idea ever. It would be like being stuck behind two holland trucks running 65 mph for 20 miles waiting on one driver to back down for the other to pass . Now you have angry car drivers that will drive aggressively to get by. Now imagine all the trucks on the road driving the same speed !! Its crazy . As bad as the hours of sevice !!! never before have I been forced to drive tired and in heavy traffic like we do now in fear of going over our 14 hours with only 5 or 6 hours of actual driving . Start making better decisions for our safety ? These rules and ideas are not safe for anyone and I will seek a new line of work if we are forced to drive under these conditions. Time to stop catering to big money and special interest and do the right thing. Just the toughts of your average Joe Truck driver” — JOE

“This is not the answer folks. Yes the trucking industry needs some changes but this is not one. How can you play dictator and say how much money hard working people can earn? How can you say that a 1991 study, that your office has said is out of date but your going to use it anyway? How many of you have ever been in a truck traveling across country just to see what the results of some of the rules you have given us has done to improve safety? I feel that the results from this are going to be very bad. Higher accident rate, higher unemployment, more congested high ways, less on time delivery’s, less places to park. At least find a small firm to do a better study than one that is 25 years old. It’s easy for the government to sit in the limos that drive them around and see some and I repeat some bad apples that our industry has. The $54 Millon that is projected to be lost due to this will trickle down to your gold lined pockets and affect your life style. This will cause a major up roar in this industry and just may be the straw that breaks our back. Are you ready to take on this big of a bite? When will you learn that most of the accidents involving trucks are due to the cars around us? Texting, reading news paper, reading documents, putting on make up, arguing on the phone, etc. Seems the general public that drives is some of the safety problems we have. I just ask that you do a better study and dig deeper than just news that a truck was involved, read the fine print of the actual cause of the accidents involving trucks. I ask that you go back in to the economic history of this country and see that the small owners of this country ( trucking or otherwise) is the foundation of this country. And I also ask that you get your head out of trying to become famous at the expense of those that keep the country going. Will you be mad when you go to the store to get a product and they are out because the truck couldn’t make delivery? Most definitely you will. This will also affect the small business owners outside of trucking, the mail service, ups, FedEx service and other small parcel delivery company’s. Don’t do something based on how you feel, for once do it based on real world facts.” — ROBIN

Let the owners decide! They have the most vested interest in it and all owner/operators have their safety and their load’s safety as a first priority.” — NANCY

I really think speed limiters are a bad idea because I believe there will be more road rage from 4 wheelers . When it takes 4 or 5 miles to pass someone cars have a tendency to get upset. I have already watched that happen when a Canadian truck took 13 miles to pass someone. That and I don’t see trucks slowing down in construction zones either. Between Elogs and speed limiters — not a good combination.” — GARY

“The United States already has speed limits for trucks, they are already posted on every road a truck travels. Any type of split speed limits between trucks and other vehicles are dangerous; this is why a slow race car is black flagged in a race if the race car is traveling slower than the rest of the race participants. When a truck is traveling faster than the posted speed limit now the driver is issued a fine(speeding ticket). With 30 years of over the road driving experience, I believe this is absurd that we are having this conversation. Change all the signs on the road to reflect the new speed limit that’s is deemed to be safe. Make that speed limit the same for all vehicles. If truck ecms are to be programmed to a max specific speed,such as 65. It will create massive rolling road blocks and make traffic a much bigger problem. Trucks are carrying different weights and have different power trains. Trucks will be unable to pass each other. For example; if my high powered truck is loaded with a 5,000 pound load and a the next truck is loaded with a 50,000 pound; we both have our cruise control on, as we approach a overpass his truck will slow down and I will need to pass him, as we top the overpass and we are side by side and start descending the over pass his truck will go faster down the grade and I will be unable to pass him. This will happen over and over till now we have a group of 20 to 30 trucks all pulled up doing the same thing. Because of this I am now getting less fuel mileage and am trapped in a large pack of trucks. Now let’s throw some cars and motorcycles into the mix. What do we have now? A major accident that’s going to happen! This will be repeated over and over increasing traffic, using more fuel, and causing a lot of accidents. So I pose my question again: why are we wasting our time talking about such a fundamentally easy problem to solve…. Change the speed limit signs to 65, 50 35 mph….. Whatever speed is deemed to be safe ! And above all have the same speed limits for all vehicle to be the same. Speed differences is what’s dangerous.” — ANONYMOUS

“You have already cut my pay and increased my work load with the 30 minute break. I run a semi regular route and normally leave out on Sunday make my rounds and home by Friday this route includes any where from 15 to 30 or more stops with the addition of your 30 min break I already get home later than i did and My truck only runs a company set mph and some of the states I run in the speed limit is 75 or higher which I have no problem I stay to the right unless I come upon one of these speed limited trucks then pass a quickly as I can if you slow all trucks to this company set limit you will not only cut my pay but increase my time on the road . I know 30 miles a day does not seem like much but just missing one stop can already put me later getting home and instead of getting home on Friday and taking my weekends at home Ill end up spending a extra 2 days a week on the road . Then the next week a shorter run which will be very tight to finish putting me even farther behind thus costing me money in the long run I am already under paid. And just a note the road rage count will go up because people already drive like mad men out here slowing all trucks to one speed will not be cost effective in any way slower traffic more traffic jams or as I call them rolling road blocks . Educating the general public of how to drive around trucks will do more to save lives than any law or speed limiter law you can pass.” — MILTON

You can still comment on the speed limiter proposal here through November 7.


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