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Trucking Start Up “Convoy” Seeks To Cut Out Middle Men


A new trucking start up called “Convoy” is trying to shake up the trucking industry by eliminating the need for freight brokers — and major investors have recently pledged their support to the tune of $16 million.

Former Amazon Employees Turn Their Attention Toward Trucking

Convoy was founded in Seattle by a group of former Amazon employees and many of their investors include current top Amazon executives like Jeff Wilke and chief executive Jeff Bezos.

The Convoy website and app work by connecting truckers with freight that needs to be delivered and the equipment required to move it. Truckers can then view the loads and choose to accept them.

Convoy Designers Hope To Make Truckers More Money While Lowering Transportation Costs

Convoy developers say that the model will cut down on transportation costs across the board. They say that they charge truckers only about 25% of what they could expect to pay a freight broker.

The app is also designed to help drivers keep their trucks full more efficiently than a freight broker could manage: “We’re going to help you keep your truck full. We’re going to get you more work. People are always looking for their next load.” By putting the driver in charge of finding his own loads, Convoy hopes that drivers will enjoy more freedom and control over their schedules — all while hopefully earning more money.

App Is Considered A Solution To Stagnation In Trucking Industry

One of the app’s major investors sees Convoy as a way to shake up an industry which has become resistant to new technology and somewhat stagnant: “Convoy has one of those unique chances to disrupt a big, old industry that hasn’t really changed much since it started.

Convoy will face competition from similar start ups like “Cargomatic” and “Trucker Path.”

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