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Trump’s “Big Trucker” Friend Makes Another Appearance In NY Times Interview


During an interview with the New York Times, President-Elect Trump once again made mention of his “big trucker” friend who is so worried about the country’s infrastructure that he will stop buying the “Rolls Royce of trucks” and will instead buy the cheapest trucks he can find.

Trump notably made mention of his trucker buddy back in June during a press conference held at a golf course in Scotland that was described by the Washington Post as “beyond bizarre.”

In an attempt to emphasize his commitment to fixing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, Trump mentioned that his trucker friend was in dire straights because of potholes destroying his trucks:

“I have a friend who’s a trucker, a big trucker, one of the biggest in the world, actually. And he said, he buys these brand-new, magnificent trucks that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he’s never had this problem before. They’re just getting destroyed, because the highways are loaded up with potholes.”

In an interview published today by the New York Times, Trump’s trucker friend resurfaces.

And he’s still very worried about potholes.

Said Trump:

“I have a friend, he’s a big trucker, one of the biggest. And he orders these incredible trucks, the best, I won’t mention the name but it’s a certain truck company that makes — they call them the Rolls-Royce of trucks. You know, the most expensive trucks. And he calls me up about two months ago and he goes, ‘Man, I’m going to buy the cheapest trucks I can buy.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ and — you know, and this is the biggest guy — he goes, ‘My trucks are coming back, they’re going from New York to California and they’re all busted up. The highways are in such bad shape, they’re hitting potholes, they’re hitting everything.’ He said, ‘I’m not buying these trucks anymore, I’m going to buy the cheapest stuff and the strongest tires I can get.’ That’s the exact expression he used, ‘the cheapest trucks and the strongest tires.”

When the New York Times reporters asked Trump how the Republican Party leadership felt about his multi-billion or even trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan, Trump replied, “Let’s see if I get it done.


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