TxDOT Offers Up To 75% Truck Toll Discount Through August 2017

TxDOT Offers Up To 75% Truck Toll Discount Through August 2017

The Texas Department of Transportation is offering truckers a bigger toll discount in the hopes of keeping 18 wheelers off of I-35 through Austin.

Truck Tolls Dramatically Reduced On Some Roads Through August 2017

Phase 1 of TxDOT’s Truck Toll Discount Program began in April. Phase 2 begins November 1, offering truckers an increased discount on tolls through August 31, 2017.

The toll discount applies on  State Highway 130 (from the I-35 exit in Georgetown to US 183 exit in Buda) and State Highway 45SE from peak hours of 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

According to TxDOT “trucks with a valid TxTag that travel on SH 130/SH 45SE between Georgetown and Buda will pay the standard 2-axle rate and realize a savings of 67 percent. Drivers who switch from Pay By Mail (PBM) to a TxTag could realize a savings of 75 percent. Vehicles without a valid TxTag (regardless of number of axles) will pay the standard 3-axle, PBM rate.”

Current RateDiscount RatePercentage
TxDOT$24.12$8.0467% savings
PBM$32.07$21.4133% savings
Current PBM RateDiscount TxTag RatePercentage
PBM to TxTag$32.07$8.0475% savings

Officials Hope To Reduce Traffic And Crashes On I-35

TxDOT says that they hope the discount program will reduce congestion on I-35 and increase highway safety. Texas Representative Celia Israel noted that “last year was one of the most deadly on Texas highways and my hope is this program will mean a safer experience for those who travel I-35.
The truck toll discount program will cost $18.7 million to implement.

Truck tolls on other Austin roads will not be affected by the program.

Learn more about the truck toll discount program by visiting TxDOT.gov.