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‘The Uber of Trucking’ Set To Launch In May


NEW YORK, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — TugForce, a startup technology company specializing in providing on-demand trucking services for Commercial Shippers, today announced it will officially launch May 2016. Known as the ‘Uber of the trucking industry,’ TugForce is set to revolutionize transportation for independent truckers and small truck fleets worldwide.

“We created TugForce to bring convenience and efficiency to the massive trucking market,” said Mohammad Ahsan, Founder and CEO of TugForce, “By utilizing our services, drivers will no longer have to pay middlemen and shippers will get the best prices available while eliminating brokerage fees for their shipments. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved.”

TugForce.com will provide a platform for truckers worldwide to post their availability and eliminate driving long distances with no shipments. Often times, truckers drive to a destination with a shipment, and then drive back wasting time and money. Shippers are now going to be able to capitalize from trucks done with their transportation run, and hop on their original route. At the same time, drivers will be paid for a trip they were otherwise going to have to fund.

“We are incredibly excited to announce our website and apps will be up and running this May,” said Ahsan. “Starting today, truckers and shippers can visit TugForce.com for pre-registration before the official company launch. Our site is for independent truckers and suppliers as well as small fleets. Spread the word and join our movement to save time and money for everyone apart of the trucking industry!”

In addition to their third party logistics platform, TugForce is also introducing a countrywide network for truckers and small fleets to tap into discounts, deals, connections, and social/financial advice: the TugForce Community. TugForce is contracting with truck, tire and accessories manufacturers, as well as truck leasing companies to get better deals for TugForce Community Members, aiming to pool together all parties involved in the trucking industry for an inexpensive and easily accessible community centered around providing materials and helpful advice for the hard-working truckers. Registered members with TugForce will have free access to the TugForce Community, which will include discounted tires and other materials manufactured in the US, gas cards for decreased diesel charges, access to affordable health care, and even discounted meals and food from participating restaurants located near highways.

TugForce is set to be the best commercial logistics solution for small manufacturing companies and warehouses who cannot afford the steep rates on the market today. This new approach will allow them to save up to 50% of what they spend now on transportation. TugForce will be on both Web and Mobile Apps (Android & IOS).

For more information, or to pre-register with TugForce today, visit: www.TugForce.com. Follow TugForce at FaceBook www.facebook.com/tugforce. Twitter @Tugforce.


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