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Veteran Trucker Escapes Chicago Road Rage Shooting


A veteran trucker is considering retirement following a frightening road rage shooting in Chicago yesterday.

The shooting took place last night near the intersection of 95th Street and Genoa Avenue.

According to 63 year old trucker Norman Scott, a male in his forties got out of his vehicle and fired several shots directly at the cab of the truck.

Said Scott, “I see his car coming up real fast. He jumps out the car, gets in front and aims just like this and all I could do is duck and I hear the pop, pop, pop. It’s an automatic and the truck was still in gear and all I could do was hit the accelerator and try to run him over.

The shooter fled the scene.

Scott was able to flag down police who were on the scene of an unrelated drive-by shooting at 87th and Racine streets.

Police believe the suspect was driving an older model grey Lexus. No arrests have been made.

Scott said that it was a miracle that he survived the incident, but he is now questioning whether it might be time to turn in his keys: “Thirty plus years [as a truck driver] and maybe it’s time to get out now.

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