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VIDEO: Cadillac Cuts Off Truck, Gets Rear Ended


This trucker’s dash cam captured the moment that he was unable to stop in time to avoid a rear end crash after he was cut off by a Cadillac.

According to the video description, “This is a wreck on Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville Tn. April 2, 2016. The driver of the Cadillac was an older man. After the impact the man pressed the gas instead of the brake and went into the Burger King lot on the left where he hit another car and a big landscaping rock. Continue to watch the bottom left of the screen where you will see the damaged Cadillac reappear.”

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zIWJmF_1Wg” width=”700″ height=”500″]https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw[/su_youtube]

Video Credit:
Flim Everything


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