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VIDEO: MSP Releases Embarrassing Dash Cam Of Drunk Truck Driver


A Minnesota State Patrol dash cam video of the cringe-worthy drunken escapades of a truck driver have gone viral, tarnishing the reputation of the hard working men and women of the trucking industry.

The footage was captured during a July 10 traffic stop on Highway 10. In the video, you can see 45 year old Jonathan Czech swerving dangerously all over the road before falling out of his own truck after he comes to a stop.

Czech’s breathalyzer test revealed that his BAC was .28. The arresting officer also found two bottles of vodka in the cab of his truck — one of them open. He was charged with two counts of DUI.

Czech was reportedly fired after this traffic stop.

For what it’s worth, this driver was not a Walmart employee though he was hauling a Walmart trailer. He was employed by a third party carrier.

The video has been picked up by dozens of mainstream media outlets and has already been viewed tens of thousands of times. It’s our hope that the public at large realizes that this driver does not represent the rest of the trucking industry. The vast majority of  truck drivers are hard working men and women trying to feed their families and keep the highways safe for everyone.

ABC Action News


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